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Case Studies

Many commercial and industrial premises are now looking to upgrade their sites and reduce overheads with renewable technology. LED lighting is often seen as a starting point to enter into the low energy market.    

Costs have now reduced significantly to produce large savings for even the SME marketplace.

The key reasons being the obvious reduction in running costs and zero maintenance.

For example, LED lighting upgrading can provide substantial energy savings either in specific areas or across the whole site, enhancing the look of the site; giving a much better overall performance with much improved lighting levels and maintenance costs reduced to zero and the comfort of our 6 year warranty.

EuroSpar - Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales

Spar with LED Lighting

This EuroSpar store is over 5000 sq ft and the sales floor was in need of modern low cost lighting.

We looked at the existing lighting which consisted of over 100 separate downlights and directional spotlights.

The majority of the downlights were 60w twin CFL lamps. The remaining number were directional 100w spotlights.

We decided that the most economical way to upgrade the sales floor lighting to LED was to replace the main downlights with 40w 600mm x 600mm slim LED panels.

The directional spotlights would be replaced with wide angle 15w LED slim flush downlights.

Energy savings available were based on the lighting being on for 15 hours a day, 364 days per year.

By implementing the LED lighting upgrade the reduction in sales floor lighting running costs has been significantly reduced using less fittings, but with an increase in lighting level and performance.

This has produced energy savings of over 78% and will provide a rapid payback of less than 7 months.



Spar before LED Lights
Spar with LED Lighting upgrade

"What a difference!"

"We were approached by Fusion of Power who were looking to help reduce our energy running costs by upgrading our store lighting to LED. Once we saw the savings available to us we agreed to move forward with the project.

They have now supplied and installed LED lighting throughout our store. What a difference!

Current energy figures are showing savings of over £600 a month and this equates to a 78% reduction in our lighting running costs with a rapid payback of less than 9 months!

On top of these great savings we now have zero lighting maintenance, reduced levels of harmful carbon emissions and much better lighting levels and overall performance throughout the whole store.

I would definitely recommend Fusion of Power to anyone looking to upgrade their current lighting or who is looking to implement other energy saving solutions".

Conrad Davies – Eurospar, Blaenau Ffestiniog

Spar Radyr, Cardiff


Annual energy saving £2,600 (79%)



Spar upgrading to LED Lighting
Spar with LED Lights

Spar Prestatyn, North Wales

Annual energy saving £2,800 (73%)



Spar upgrading Lights
Spar with LED Lights

"Just thought I would let you know that based of our first bill since the lights were changed it looks like a saving of about £240 a month so your estimate on a 9 month payback time seems pretty accurate.


If you have any retailers who are hesitant to switch to LED lighting, I am happy for you to give them my email and I will recommend they proceed as it is a no brainer! Every retailer should be making this change without delay."

Jon Stanway - Spar Prestatyn

Spar Morriston, Swansea 

Annual energy saving £4,500 (78%)



\Spar Lighting
Spar LED Lights

"Fusion of Power changed my shop floor and staff area lighting from fluorescent tubes and spotlights to LED. It only took one day and the store immediately looked brighter. We calculate that my lighting costs will reduce by £4,500 pa or 78% and the investment will be paid back in around 10 months. I am very pleased with the result.

I would recommend Fusion of Power to other SPAR retailers. I will certainly use them again".

Kahi Singh Nitu - Spar Morriston, Swansea 

Tremain News, Plymouth 


Annual energy saving £1,900 (83%)

Newsagent LED Lights
Nesagent Plymouth LED Lighting Upgrade

Blight Motors, Spar Store & BP Garage, Bideford


Annual energy saving £2,800 (74%)


BP Garage & Spar LED Upgrade


Blight Motors Spar LED Lights

Gravelle's Budgens, Sawbridgeworth, Essex

Annual energy saving £4,500


Budgens LED Lights


Budgens LED Lighting Upgrade

"We recently had our store converted to LED lighting and Fusion of Power completed the work to a high standard and we are happy with the outcome. We have also achieved savings of about 8% on our utilities because of this work "

Paul Gravelle - Gravelle's Budgen, Sawbridgeworth, Essex

PKF Francis Clark, Accountants, Torquay


Annual energy saving £7,600 (76%)


PKF Francis Clark before New LED Upgrade


Francis Clark LED Upgrade
Francis Clark Accountants
Accountant LED Lighting

Cockington Primary School, Torquay


Annual Costs:


  • Previous lighting running cost before LED upgrade: £ 8,127 per year

  • Lighting running costs after LED Upgrade: £ 3,308 per year

  • Energy Cost Saving : £ 4,819 per year (60%)

  • Carbon Saving: 10.7 Tonnes per year

Eden Park Primary School, Brixham


Annual Costs:


  • Previous lighting running cost before LED upgrade: £ 6,709 per year

  • Lighting running costs after LED Upgrade: £ 2,867 per year

  • Energy Cost Saving : £ 3,842 per year (57%)

  • Carbon Saving: 7 Tonnes per year

Preston Primary School, Torquay


Annual Costs:


  • Previous lighting running cost before LED upgrade: £ 6,964 per year

  • Lighting running costs after LED Upgrade: £ 2,209 per year

  • Energy Cost Saving : £ 4,755 per year (68%)

  • Carbon Saving: 10.5 Tonnes per year

Fix Auto - Crash Repair Garage, Nottingham

Annual Costs:


  • Previous lighting running cost before LED upgrade: £ 26,400 per year

  • Lighting running costs after LED Upgrade: £ 11,760 per year

  • Energy Cost Saving : £ 14,640 per year (55.5%)

  • Carbon Saving: 28 Tonnes per year

Gillingham School, Dorset

Annual Costs:


  • Previous lighting running cost before LED upgrade: £ 8,934 per year

  • Lighting running costs after LED Upgrade: £ 2,861 per year

  • Energy Cost Saving : £ 6,073 per year (68%)

  • Carbon Saving: 26 Tonnes per year

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