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Smart Energy and Procurement

(Including the Funding of Energy Projects)


Sourcing the best energy contracts for your organisation is time-consuming and a distraction from running your business.
There is an easier solution.

We can manage the entire procurement process for you – from securing the most competitive rates and overseeing supplier switch-over, to ongoing customer support and hands-free administration of all your utility supplies.
Our team of experienced energy management experts are skilled in tariff negotiation, green sourced energy and have strong, long-established relationships with a broad range of suppliers.
We make sure we take into consideration your past and future energy requirements and tailor a supply to your individual business requirements.

Green Energy Funding

Revolving Green Fund

Are your supply contracts coming up for renewal in the next 12 months?

Looking to fund energy upgrades or project without affecting your budget?
In a nutshell, through the Energy Companies the scheme known as RGF (Revolving Green Fund) allows the main energy Suppliers in the UK to support and discharge their obligation to their customers by assisting and supporting them to lower their carbon footprints and reduce consumption.  
How does it work?
Identified energy efficiency schemes (LED, Solar pv, Infrared etc etc)will allow customers to lower their usage/carbon output and it is a fund/partial fund that can be created for this specific energy saving project, an amount is tagged onto the contract value for this purpose, however this will need to be set up and structured during pre-contract negotiations with the supplier/s.

We will do all of this for you.

It can be applied to both electricity and gas supplies and is dependent upon the annual Kwh usage, the contract terms (the longer the better), the specific energy saving project, costs and the ROI. However, because of the variable factors involved, each case it considered on its own merit.

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