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Solar PV Systems:
Commercial - Industrial - Domestic

Solar PV Systems for:

Commercial - Schools - Colleges - Universities - Industrial - Retail - Farms - Your Home

PV Solar panels are a fantastic way of cutting energy bills for your school, office, retail outlet, or warehouse premises. They will also add value to your property asset, or for commercial/retail landlords, increase the rentable value.

Rooftop solar PV integration delivers an array of immediate and long-term benefits by:

  • Reducing the energy consumption of the building

  • Providing protection against rapidly increasing electricity prices

  • Increasing asset and rentable value of a building by improving its Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and BREEAM ratings

  • Aiding Carbon Reduction Commitment cost offset

  • Addressing Corporate Social Responsibility requirements

  • Generating zero CO2 emissions

  • Being the only viable renewable technology for the urban environment

Why your businesses should be investing in Solar PV

Electricity costs have risen by 9.1% year on year for the past 10 years, with no signs of slowing down. Therefore businesses are looking for alternative means to control their overheads. So, why not optimise on your assets with a commercial solar PV solution.

Fusion Solar pv will assist your business from your initial enquiry, paperwork compilation to deliver and on-going support whether commercial, industrial, retail or agricultural.


We provide a comprehensive range of fully integrated rooftop solar PV systems with Solar PV panel and inverter warranty in place for your peace of mind. Field arrays are also our speciality.


Each of our installations are unique and custom-made to meet your needs and ensure you reach the optimum efficiency from your commercial Solar PV panels. Therefore ensuring you obtain the maximum ROI and benefit the most by not relying on the national grid for your electricity needs!

As the costs have come down significantly, more and more customers are now taking battery storage to use any 'spare' generated electricity in the evenings as well.

Solar Panel Installation

Commercial & Industrial Solar PV Panels

... for Factories, Industrial Units, Manufacturers and Warehousing, Retail and your own homes

With big expanses of roof space, intensive machinery & huge energy bills, these are just a few of the reasons why solar panels and sustainable solutions make the perfect business partner for factories and manufacturers.

From small factories and industrial units through to big brand manufacturers, Solar PV and other sustainable solutions such as  LED Lighting could reap huge financial benefits for your business.

Rising Energy Costs, Energy Security & Profitability

Increasingly, large businesses are finding energy consumption a growing concern, particularly within our unstable energy market and with our utility prices rising year on year. As a result forward thinking manufacturers are looking closely at both what they pay for their energy and how they use it.

By installing sustainable solutions like solar, businesses are able to considerably cut their overheads, improve business operations and increase their bottom line with up to 100% savings on their daytime electricity costs.

Generally speaking the higher the user of energy - the higher the savings and therefore the larger the benefits that are gained - making the manufacturing sector the perfect case for sustainable solutions.

Energy Efficiency Consultation
Solar Panels

Agricultural Solar PV Panels

PV Solar panels are a fantastic way of cutting energy bills for your farm or dairy business, it is not only environmentally-friendly, but energy-efficient as well. Plus you would be utilising space that you already have on the barn roof and enhancing your "Green" credentials, whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

A survey from Farmers Weekly showed that 73% of farmers agreed with the idea that on-farm renewable energy should play a vital part in meeting any future energy needs within the UK.

Many farmers stated that having renewable energy on their farms was more about cutting their own energy usage rather than exporting energy back to the grid because 76% of farmers felt that they needed to reduced energy costs within their business; however, and most important of all, 71% of farmers asked thought that renewable energy provided a good return on investment compared to more traditional farming activities.























Benefits of Agricultural Solar PV:

  • Make great savings on your energy bills

  • Reduce your operating cost

  • All energy produced on site will go directly back into your farm

  • Any electricity exported to the grid will be paid for at a reduced rate so would be better to store what you don't use daily

  • At Fusion, we offer a Warranty to cover Panels (25 years) and Inverter (5 years extendable)

  • Solar energy offers up to 10% return on investment

  • Having no impact on agricultural land


We know that agricultural Solar PV makes long-term financial sense so you will be future-proofing yourself and your business.

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