Grants for LED Lighting

How Do Our Energy Grants Work?

At Fusion of Power Ltd we work with our nationwide contacts and are able to access around 50% grant contributions towards the cost of upgrading your lighting to LED, and other carbon saving technologies.


Despite recent political developments with respect to Brexit, we still have access to a European regional development fund. Available only for SMEs, it can amount to around a 50% contribution towards the cost of upgrading to low energy efficient equipment.



To find out more about our Grants for Businesses option and arrange a free site visit contact us now.



Energy technologies we have Grants available for include: 



  • LED Lighting

  • Solar PV

  • Voltage Optimisation








Give us a call to arrange an initial meeting. We will then arrange for a free site survey to be carried out for a fully funded solution to reduce your energy and maintenance costs. 








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